Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Course Schedule

Week 1:
January 14-18 (January 17 class begins @ 10am)
Themes and Streams of American Popular MusicChapter 1
*Themes and Streams of Popular Music
pp. 1-10
*Streams of Tradition: European, African American & Latin American Streams
pp. 10-17
Week 2:
January 21-25 (January 24 NO CLASS)
Popular Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Chapter 2
*Minstrel Show; Stephen Foster
pp. 18-25
*Dance Music; Brass Bands; Birth of Tin Pan Alley
pp. 26-33
*The Ragtime Craze; the Phonograph
pp. 33-40
Week 3:
January 28-February 1
Social Dance and Jazz, 1917-1935; Tin Pan Alley's Golden Age, Chapters 3-4
*Technology and the Music Business; Dance Music
pp. 41-52
*The Jazz Craze
pp. 52-63
*The Golden Age of Tin Pan Alley Song
pp. 64-85
Week 4:
February 4-8
Race Records and The Blues Chapter 5
*Exam #1
*Race Records; Classic Blues; Bessie Smith; W. C. Handy
pp. 86-99
*Charley Patton; Blind Lemon Jefferson; Robert Johnson
pp. 99-108
Week 5:
February 11-15
Early Country Music; The Swing Era, Chapter 5
*Early Country Music and Hillbilly Records
pp. 109-111
*Pioneers of Country Music: Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers
pp. 111-117
*Popular Music and the Great Depression
pp. 117-119
Week 6:
February 18-22
The Swing Era, 1935-1945, Chapter 6
*Swing Music and American Culture
pp. 120-134
*Big Bands: Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Glenn Miller
pp. 135-141
*Country Music in the Swing Era
pp. 142-151
Week 7:
February 25-March 1
The Postwar Era, 1946-1954Chapter 7
*Popular Music and Technology; the Big Singers; Urban Folk
pp. 152-166
*Southern Music; Rhythm & Blues
pp. 166-182
*Country and Western Music
pp. 182-194
Week 8:
March 4-8
Rock "n" Roll, 1954-1959, Chapter 8
*Exam #2
*Covers, Early Rock "n" Roll, and the Rock "n" Roll Business
pp. 195 -217
*Early Rock "n" Roll Stars: Country Side and R&B Side
pp. 217-229
Week 9:
March 11-15 (March 14 NO CLASS)
Rock "n" Roll and American Pop: The 1960s, Chapters 8-9
*Women, Songwriters, and Producers of Early Rock "n" Roll 
pp. 229-235
Early 1960s: Dance Music and "Teenage Symphonies"
pp. 236-245
Motown; Beach Boys
pp. 245-254
Week 10:
March 18-22
The British Invasion, Country, Soul, and Urban Folk, Chapters 9-10
*The Beatles and the British Invasion
pp. 254-268
*Country; Soul
pp. 269-283
*Urban Folk
pp. 284-295
Week 11:

Week 12:

April 1-5 (April 4 NO CLASS)
The Rise of Rock, Country Music, and the Pop Mainstream, Chapters 10-11
*Rock in the Late 1960s
pp. 295-311
The 1970s; Country Music; the Popular Mainstream
pp. 305-329
*Rock Comes of Age
pp. 329-341
Week 13:
April 8-12
The 1970s: Disco and Progressive Country, Chapters 11-12
*"Night Fever": The Rise of Disco
pp. 341-349
*The Outlaws: Progressive Country, Reggae
pp. 350-361
*Exam #3
Week 14:
April 15-19
The 1970s: Outsider"s Music; 1980s: Digital Technology; MTV, Chapters 12-13
*1970s Punk and New Wave, Funk
pp. 361-376
Rapper"s Delight: The Origins of Hip-Hop
pp. 376-381
Digital technology, MTV, 1980s Music
pp. 381-397
Week 15:
April 22-26
The 1980s: The Popular Mainstream;Prince and MadonnaChapters 13-14
*Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon
pp. 397-406
Prince, Madonna, and the Production of Celebrity
pp. 406-441
The 1990s: Hip-Hop and Rap
pp. 420-438
Week 16:
April 29-May 3
Hip-Hop; Alternative Music; World Music,Chapters 14-15
The 1990s: Techno and Alternative Music
pp. 438-458
Globalization and the Rise of World Music
pp. 458-464
pp. 465-476
Finals Week
May 6-10
Exam# 4 TBA